Meet RBM Noor
A genially simple, light and happy chair
RBM Noor is a contemporary classic that marks a new beginning. A collection of canteen and conference chairs adding vitality to working spaces and sociable places.

Meet a wide range of colourful chairs easily combinable with every purpose, room or environment. A collection with a Scandinavian identity and environmental thinking. A result of an innovative design collaboration between the designers: Form Us With Love, StokkeAustad, Susanne Grønlund/Grønlund Design and Scandinavian Business Seating design team.


Classic Scandinavian quality and functionality
Slim, lightweight, easy to handle, arrange, stack, store and clean. RBM Noor is designed for your convenience and pleasure. Its high quality features and standard of ergonomics creates a comfortable sitting experience. An 8 mm seat shell and organic 3D shape creates soft and user-friendly surfaces, optimal contact and support. For young and old, for suits and bohemians, for any body, for you.

A combinable and colourful collection
You choose what model, materials and colours. Polypropelene seats come in five colours, 3D veneer seats in oak, beech or dark-stained ash. Upholstery is always an option. The tubular and sledge bases can be delivered in a number of paint colours and surfaces. As can armrests. Wooden legs come in oiled and dark-stained oak, aluminium footbase in black, polished or white. RBM Noor has a model for every intention and interaction.


Designed for love at first sight
RBM Noor is a vivid collection of comfortable chairs that creates good feelings by touch, seeing and sensing. Smooth surfaces with dynamic material meetings. A genially simple, light and happy design expression. Enhancing the ambition of a room, creating the right vibrations, encouraging activities taking place, enlivening people and minds. Making it easy to be together.

Chairs that communicate, chairs with character
RBM Noor can contribute to any expression and impression – playful, cosy, creative, avant-garde, sophisticated, formal, executive … Designed to enhance your everyday relations, to vitalise any environment – conference rooms, canteens, auditoriums, reception areas, shops, galleries, schools, libraries, classrooms, rooms for teamwork, studies, small offices and home offices, your spaces… 


Always with sustainability in mind
A low carbon footprint makes RBM Noor a sustainable choice. It is resource efficient, using low-impact materials as recycled aluminium, polypropylene and partly recycled steel. New transparent powder paints replaces chrome as surface treatment. The chair uses no glue, is designed for easy disassembly and recycling, and is designed to meet the strictest of indoor climate requirements.


A rewarded design agency in Oslo, Norway, creating value through design. Revealing the essence of each design challenge StokkeAustad creates holistic and profitable solutions. Seeing good products not simply as a matter of aesthetics, functionality and profit but also identifying values in the process of designing.

Form Us With Love
The studio Form Us With Love operates from Stockholm, Sweden. Guided by a strong belief that holistic design thinking is the way forward they challenge convention in the development and production of everyday objects, furniture and lighting. In 2012 the Fast Company listed FUWL as one of the worlds 50 most influential designers.

Susanne Grønlund/Grønlund Design
Susanne Grønlund/Grønlund Design is an acknowledged and awarded designer with a long term experience in new product design and development in various categories. The studio specialises in increasing sales through innovative development and a strong focus on the end-user’s needs. Susanne Grønlund is rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition, yet always looking for inspiration.