6 year guarantee on all products
It is a point of honour for RBM to produce and deliver office, conference and canteen furniture that lives up to our standards of quality and good design. We therefore offer a six-year guarantee against documented manufacturing defects on all of our products. Liftime warranty on gas lifts.


EN 1335
EN 1335, part 1, 2 and 3 is a common European standard for office chairs:

  • Part 1: Measurements. Definition of dimensions.
  • Part 2: Safety requirements.
  • Part 3: Safety test methods.

Requirements of EN 1335, part 1:
The measurements and definition of dimensions ensure that any person between 1510 and 1920 mm in height can adjust the office chair to suit the individual user.

The dimension requirements depend on the type of chair:

  • Type A: an office chair that can be adjusted to suit the individual user.
  • Type B: an office chair that has fewer adjustment options.
  • Type C: an office chair with few adjustment options. For instance, the backrest and seat cannot be adjusted in relation to each other.


A piece of furniture from RBM is designed and produced for everyday use – day in and day out. Furniture is used for many hours every day and very often by many different users. We know that this takes excellent quality in every detail, and therefore durability and a host of other factors are tested exhaustively.


Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery

  1. Every received order is subject to reservation for strikes, lockouts, natural catastrophes, war and the consequences of war, as well as any other force majeure.
  2. We stipulate our times of delivery according to the best of our judgement, and said times of delivery are not binding. RBM endeavours to deliver the ordered products by the prearranged delivery deadline, but RBM is under no obligation to compensate for loss resulting from a delayed delivery, nor does a delayed delivery entitle the buyer to cancel the order.

    Strikes, lockouts, natural catastrophes, war and the consequences of war, transport difficulties and any other force majeure are always justifiable reasons for RBM to delay delivery to the extent necessary.
  3. If RBM accepts the cancellation of an order, the written cancellation must be received by RBM not less than 8 days before the time of delivery indicated by RBM. However, we are entitled to invoice the costs of the ordered products, which correspond to any work performed by the time of the cancellation and to purchased or utilised materials, etc.

    If a customer refuses to accept the delivery of a product, RBM is entitled to invoice the customer all carriage costs for transport to and from the customer’s premises and to uphold the invoice claim. Any return of products must always be first agreed with the customer service.
  4. RBM provides a six-year warranty on documented manufacturing faults. The warranty complies with current European requirements regarding complaints and guarantees. Accordingly, the burden of proof lies with RBM as a six-month warranty and with the buyer as a right of complaint during the remaining warranty period.
  5. The warranty is conditional on the fact that the buyer has brought the manufacturing fault to the attention of RBM not more than 2 months after said fault has been noted/discovered by the buyer.
  6. The warranty does not cover damage caused by incorrect use of the product.
  7. The six-year warranty applies to normal use, 8 hours a day. If the product is used in shifts or 24-hour use, the right-of-complaint period is correspondingly reduced, but never below the minimum statutory requirement (2 years).
  8. To make a complaint, the buyer contacts the dealer/distributor from whom the product was purchased or the closest dealer/distributor stipulated by RBM.

    Products may only be returned according to an agreement with RBM and with RBM’s permission. Products are to be returned by the carrier designated by RBM.
  9. If any faults or deficiencies are discovered in a product, cf. Clause 4, the warranty and right of complaint cover the supply of replacement parts only and not labour charges for replacing any faulty components.
  10. Visible transport damage and short deliveries must always be noted on the bill of carriage at the time of receipt and must be reported to our office at +45 99 50 56 60 within 7 days after receipt.
  11. RBM is only liable for personal injury and property damage if it can be proven that the damage/injury was caused by a fault or negligence on the part of RBM or others for whom RBM is responsible.

    RBM is not liable for personal injury and property damage caused by incorrect use of the product.

    RBM is not liable for operating loss, loss of profits or other indirect loss. To the extent that third-party product liability is imposed on RBM, the buyer is obliged to indemnify RBM to the same extent to which RBM’s liability is limited according to the preceding clause.

    If a third party claims compensation from either party in accordance with this clause, said party must inform the other party immediately hereof.
  12. In all instances where RBM is unable to finalise the purchase of materials from our external suppliers or contract transport agreements at a fixed price, we reserve the right to base our cost calculation on the current costs on the day of delivery, regardless of whether we have made special reservations in this regard.
  13. If a customer fails to comply with the prearranged terms of payment, monthly interest on overdue payment will be charged per month or any part thereof from the due date.
  14. Unless otherwice agreed, RBM´s standard Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery apply.
  15. Any litigation related to the present order must be brought before a Danish venue, i.e., the Maritime and Commercial Court of Copenhagen.