Blum & Balle A/S

Henrik Blum (born 1960, Denmark) and Rune Balle Olesen (born 1957, Denmark)

Blum and Balle are industrial designers educated at the Danish Design School. Balle Olesen is also a qualified silversmith from Georg Jensen. Since 1996 Henrik and Rune have run the design company Blum & Balle. Their work methods are characterized by teamwork comprising several experts, such as technical specialists. At the same time they also find room for workplace specialists and information psychologists.

The design team has designed products and design solutions for companies such as Delite Aps, Hamlet Danish Design A/S, JM Glass Lda and Belcom Inc.

Blum & Balle have designed the Ultima folding table, the Cameo canteen chair and the 600 and 1200 work chair series for RBM. All of these pieces of furniture are excellent examples of how form and function may be united.

Harrit & Sørensen A/S

Thomas Harrit (Denmark) and Nicolai Sørensen (Denmark)

Harrit and Sørensen are two successful industrial designers educated at the Danish Design School. Since 1993 they have run the Harrit & Sørensen A/S design bureau. The design team has been greatly successful. Their first success for production was the KNAX clothes peg. The technical traffic solution Greenlight was also a big success and was awarded the Danish Design Prize in the year 2000.

RBM has collaborated with Harrit and Sørensen since 2007. This collaboration has extended the concept and framework of office furniture.

Harrit and Sørensen have designed the Sweep product series for RBM. This consists of tables, sofas and armchairs in a completely new way, which are very comfortable and practical.

Krijn Hamelink

Krijn Hamelink (born 1947, the Netherlands)

Hamelink is a well-established designer with great international success. He was educated at Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, and has since been employed by design bureau Kho Liang le. Krijn has designed furniture for RBM for 30 years.

Collaboration between RBM and Hamelink has led to awards, design prizes and good sales. Above all, it has led to many satisfied customers.

Krijn Hamelink has designed Combo XS for RBM. This is smart design that uses the user as a point of departure, not the other way around.


Tias Eckhoff

Thias Eckhoff (born 1926, Norway)

Eckhoff is a versatile designer and the creator of several design classics. He was educated as a potter at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Eckhoff has worked with numerous materials throughout the years and has designed everything from porcelain and keys to cutlery and furniture. Several of his works have won awards, and he has received Lunningprisen, Jacobprisen and Klassikerprisen.

The stacking chair Ana, which Eckhoff designed for RBM in 1980, has been produced in several million copies. Other successful products designed by Eckhoff are silver cutlery for Georg Jensen and keys for TrioVing.

In addition to the Ana chair, Thias Eckhoff has designed the Bella chair for RBM. Both chairs prove that good design is timeless.