ANA, The Ultimate Canteen Chair, Celebrates Its 30th Birthday

RBM Ana, a recognised classic and one of RBM’s bestsellers, is celebrating its 30th birthday with a new retro look. Ana is the creative brainchild of acclaimed
industrial designer Tias Eckhoff.


“A lot of chair for your money.” That’s one way of explaining why RBM Ana became a design sensation, with more than 1.5 million Ana chairs gracing assembly halls, canteens, meeting rooms and cafeterias throughout the Nordic region over the last 30 years.

One of RBM’s most popular chairs, Ana combines a simple, minimalistic form with an ergonomically designed seat. After three decades, it’s fair to say that this clear favourite has become a retro classic.

Tias Eckhoff, the prominent designer who originally created the Ana chair, is re-launching it together within Scandinavian Business Seating’s brand RBM. The anniversary edition features four new frame colours – red, white, dark blue and charcoal grey – all of which match the chair’s seat colour.

“It’s thrilling to revisit this design three decades later – and give it a new spin,” Eckhoff says of the re-launch project. “For the anniversary edition, we wanted to keep the clean, functional simplicity that made the Ana so popular – but also pay tribute to its 80s roots with colour combinations typical of that era. As a designer, it’s a tremendous honour to have the opportunity to revisit an original design that has endured through decades.”