RBM Allround

This is, as the name implies, a versatile table. It’s not the star of the stage, but a loyal and devoted extra. A piece of furniture that does its job so that others can shine. Yet it is not anonymous, but rather discreet. The series includes several useful sizes and functions. It goes well with chairs such as RBM Bella, RBM Joy and RBM Ballet.

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  • Dia. 80 cm - 4 feet


  • 80x80 cm with column frame base with 4 feet


  • 180x100 cm with H frame, seats 6


  • Dia. 100 cm - 4 feet


  • 120x80 cm with H frame


RBM e-Connect/u-Connect

Contemporary design with modern functionality. RBM Connect has a clean expression and fits well into the creative advertising agency, the mobile office or the lively assembly room. RBM Connect are mobile tables that are light, flexible and easy to use. They may be collapsed and folded with a simple move and can be stacked together flat on a trolley. RBM U-Connect has wheels and can easily be stacked together and placed against a wall. Design: ACER DESIGN a/s - Justus Kolberg, Erik Simonsen

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  • 160X80 cm


  • 140X70 cm


RBM Eminent

A functional and practical little table that easily converts to a long table. Link fittings allow several tables to be linked together to make a longer table. A simple design and rugged build makes RBM Eminent a table that can withstand all types of use. RBM Eminent is tested and approved according to EN 12521 and EN 527/2-3.

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  • 120x60 cm


  • Dia. 120 cm with 4 legs


RBM Standard folding table

A stylish and practical table for exciting events. Numerous different shaped tops allow for creative table arrangements at large events. RBM Standard folding tables are formable and flexible. Easy to fold and require little space for storage. A good choice for the auditorium, canteen or assembly hall.

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  • 120x80 cm


  • Ellipse 180x100 cm


RBM Sweep table

With its gentle curves RBM Sweep becomes an elegant personality combined with the RBM Sweep sofa or chairs. The oval table top takes on the shape of the sofas in the same series. This makes them ideal partners – the table and the sofa or the armchairs. The elongated slot along with the birch profile along the edge lend the table character.

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  • 70 x 70 cm


  • 120 x 70 cm


  • 175 x 70 cm


RBM Twisted Little Star

A quality table with a unique and genius shape. Several tables can be connected like a jigsaw puzzle to create larger units. When the table is not in use, chairs can be shoved all the way under the edge. Despite the size of 125 x 125 cm, eight people can comfortably sit around the table. Smart and exciting design that is suitable in e.g. a library, canteen or meeting room. Quality craftsmanship. Multiplex table top, surface in standard white laminate or oak veneer. Solid oak legs. Design: Ørjan Djønne og Marius Sveen, Bare Møbler

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  • Table, 125x125 cm


RBM Ultima folding table

The ultimate folding table is of course called RBM Ultima. Classical model with a simple and stable construction. The table is easy to collapse and store. The low stacking height uses little space. RBM Ultima is perfect in a conference hall or a meeting room. Goes well with the RBM Ballet, RBM Bella or RBM Grace chairs. Design: Blum & Balle A/S

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  • 120x60 cm


  • Ellipse 180x100 cm