RBM 800

Ever since we introduced our first RBM 800 series chair, we have set the standard in comfort and functionality for work chairs. With the 800 we have renewed the design. Slightly neater with slimmer lines and more environmentally friendly materials. Just as before, the chair is designed with the user in mind. RBM 800 gives you a comfortable workday in a chair that supports and relieves the body at the right places.

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  • RBM 819

  • RBM 829

  • RBM 839

RBM 700 series

This is a work chair that is both seen and sensed. A chair that combines modern, distinct design with ease of use. The chair is easy to adjust according to individual requirements. Regardless of your weight, height or working position, the 700 series can quickly adapt to your desires and needs. The RBM 700 series emphasises ergonomics and flexibility and fits the body and working position. The chair has a characteristic back shape.

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  • RBM 760

  • RBM 765

  • RBM 767

  • RBM 768

RBM 600 series

A stylish work chair with a special dynamic sitting mechanism. RBM Active Dynamic®. This mechanism allows the chair to provide good ergonomic support no matter how you sit - whether you are leaning forward or backwards. This chair is easy to adjust and therefore well suited to active work places with multiple users. Design: Blum & Balle A/S

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  • RBM 615

  • RBM 620

  • RBM 625

  • RBM 627

RBM 500 series

RBM 500 is a flexible office chair suitable for learning institutions or small offices where there are several and many different users. The round shape of the seat and back lend character. The chair is ergonomically designed for optimum sitting comfort. You can very easily set your favourite position.

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  • RBM 535

  • RBM 566

  • RBM 576

RBM 300 series

This is a rugged chair series for demanding environments. Robust and stable chairs that can withstand extraordinary strain, e.g. at schools. The RBM 300 series has been designed to endure many different users over a long period of time. All chairs in the RBM 300 series have freely adjustable seats and backs. Simple and uncomplicated. Several of the models are well suited for school use: They require special tools to dismantle the back support and adjustment.

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