Meeting Room

RBM Bella

RBM Bella is true flexibility. A chair that can be used in all circumstances and in any company. In a conference hall or around a canteen table. Clean, simple lines that are designed for a stylish environment. The high, slightly curved back provides good ergonomic support. RBM Bella is easy on the eye and will provide years and years of service. The chair is available in laminate or in different wood types, with several stain or lacquer colours. With or without armrests and padding. Design: Tias Eckhoff

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  • Chair, without upholstery


  • Chair with armrest, no upholstery


RBM e-Connect/u-Connect

Contemporary design with modern functionality. RBM Connect has a clean expression and fits well into the creative advertising agency, the mobile office or the lively assembly room. RBM Connect are mobile tables that are light, flexible and easy to use. They may be collapsed and folded with a simple move and can be stacked together flat on a trolley. RBM U-Connect has wheels and can easily be stacked together and placed against a wall. Design: ACER DESIGN a/s - Justus Kolberg, Erik Simonsen

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  • 160X80 cm


  • 140X70 cm


RBM Twisted Little Star

A quality table with a unique and genius shape. Several tables can be connected like a jigsaw puzzle to create larger units. When the table is not in use, chairs can be shoved all the way under the edge. Despite the size of 125 x 125 cm, eight people can comfortably sit around the table. Smart and exciting design that is suitable in e.g. a library, canteen or meeting room. Quality craftsmanship. Multiplex table top, surface in standard white laminate or oak veneer. Solid oak legs. Design: Ørjan Djønne og Marius Sveen, Bare Møbler

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  • Table, 125x125 cm